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Art & Culture

various essays on, well, art and culture

Bookbinding & Conservation

lessons learned from this profession


ok, I'm not the guy from SNL,
but I still have a sense of humor

'Jim Downey' Stories

mostly true stories from my

Personal Essays

more "it's all about me"


Im at -7.13/-7.33 on The Political Compass.  Where
are you?


observations on the human condition


Europe 1994
Wales 1998
Wales 2003
Wales 2006
CCGA Vignettes


The travelogues in this category are general accounts of journeys we've taken.  Each include several parts and cover the following trips:

A 1994 vacation in Europe to celebrate our anniversary that includes stops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Britain.

A package tour in Wales in 1998 which gave us a good overview of the country.

A Wales vacation in 2003 which gave us the chance to really see the places that specifically interested us.

Another Wales trip in 2006, part vacation, part research for my new novel.

Also in this category are a series of vignettes I did for a concert to put on by the North American Welsh Choir (or Cr Cymry Gogledd America) in June 2005, in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the Smithsonian and the Wales Tourist Board.  The Choir Director wanted some spoken-word pieces to supplement the choral works, to give the choir some rest breaks and help set the tone.  Thought I'd share them here.

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