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23 January 2007

No matter where you go . . .

Sorry, it's been a while.  Shortly after I turned in my final column for the Tribune, I got a bit preoccupied with something I'd been thinking about for a long time:  a complete revision of my novel Communion of Dreams.  You can see the result at my new website, where you can download the entire book for free.  There's also a link there to a blog I've set up related to the novel, my efforts to promote it, et cetera.  Stop by for a visit, say hello, tell me you think the novel sucks, whatever.

I've also been busy posting regularly on UTI about atheism, and at a number of other random blogs on other topics.  None of that material has really seemed appropriate for A Fine Line, though, so I've held off on that.  However, I have some ideas for some essays, some more "Jim Downey" stories, and one of these days I'll return to writing St. Cybi's Well - and will post the chapters here when they're done.  But life is full, caring for my mother-in-law, and my creative energies are not dependable at this point.  Hell, sleep is not always dependable at this point, which is part of the problem.

So, I haven't been stuck in the 8th Dimension or anything - and will be showing up here now and again with new material.  In the meantime, pop over and read my novel.  I've been told it's good even by people who aren't friends.

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