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2 February 2005

The Secret to Success

Not that I've been able to take advantage of it, but it seems to me that one of the strategies for success in our society is to find a product which is usually associated with the upper class, and make that product available to people of lesser means who aspire to a higher social or economic station.  That's because we, as Americans, have completely subscribed to the idea of upward mobility (in spite of lots of evidence to the contrary over the last couple of decades).  Countless examples of this strategy can be found:  cell phones, 'home theatre systems,' even shrimp.  So long as the poor working-class schlubs can watch the game on their plasma TV, chat on their cell phone, and enjoy shrimp creole from Sam's, they're livin' high on the hog, right?  Nevermind the lack of savings, health insurance, or chance to really improve their lot, they're living the American Dream.

So, in that spirit, here's an idea for some enterprising soul:  custom-printed bedding.  Yup, from sheets and pillow cases to full bedspreads, the technology now exists to take any image or computer file and print it on 400-count sheets or faux-quilts.  Let the consumer make their choice and have that perfect vacation sunset, image of the grandkids, or even naughty private picture printed up and delivered to their home.  From wedding gifts to something to spice up the middle-aged marriage, the possibilities are almost endless.  Let the exploitation of dreams begin!

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