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Communion of Dreams:  A vision of the world in 50 years.

St. Cybi's Well: A vision of
Wales in 7 years.  Well, sorta.

Chapter 1

Welcome to Wales

St. Cybi's Well

Recently I've begun work on my next novel, titled St. Cybi's Well.  It is a prequel to Communion of Dreams. is set in an alternate future about 7 years hence, and takes place entirely in Wales.  If you would like to have some sense of the flavor of the book, take a look at the travelogues from Wales (particularly the 2003 trip) elsewhere on this site, as I will be mining them heavily.

This is an early draft of the first chapter of St. Cybi's Well.  And since it's an early draft of the first chapter, everything in it is subject to revision as I write the rest of the book.  But I thought you might enjoy it, nonetheless.  If you don't want to read a whole chapter, take a look at the artist's book "Welcome to Wales", which includes the first page (and the idea for another 'project' . . . )

Welcome to Wales


29 November 2005

I've finished the first chapter of St. Cybi's Well.  To read it, look here.


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