J.K. Rowling deserves the Nobel Prize...

...and you can help her get it!
Has anyone else done as much to re-invigorate reading in the last decade?  Has anyone else engaged the imaginations of so many children and adults around the world?  Has anyone else so captivated millions with a moral story of good and evil, the pain of growing up parentless, the magic of personal choice?  Has anyone else done as much to benefit mankind with literature?


And for these reasons, join us in a world-wide campaign to convince the Nobel Prize Committee to recognize Ms. Rowling with the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2004 for her latest book "The Order of the Phoenix". 
     The Nobel Committee's rules say that you don't have any say in the matter (unless you're one of their official nominators).  But the Committee only receives about 350 letters in support of a candidate each year.  You know, I bet if we sent them a few hundred thousand letters, they'd pay attention.  Emails probably wouldn't hurt, but letters will make the real difference.  From the US, it's just $0.80 to send a letter to Sweden.  The address is:
     The Nobel Committee
     Box 2118
     S-103 13 Sweden
Remember, be polite, but tell them why you think that she should receive the prize.  Tell your friends about this website, spread the word about this effort in chatrooms and discussion groups.  I've set up a pdf file with 'business-card' addresses, and another with a petition, if you'd rather pass one around and send it.
     We can do this, if we all work together. So, send your letter or petition today!
The Nobel Prize in Literature

" Literature is one of the five prize areas mentioned in Alfred Nobel's will.  The will was, however, partly incomplete.  Nobel simply stated that prizes be given to those who, during the preceding year,
'shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind' and that one part be given to the person who 'shall have produced in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction.' "

        . . . from the Nobel Prize Committee's website.
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What they told me..
No, this isn't some marketing ploy by Ms. Rowling, her publishers, the people who make the "Harry Potter" movies or any of the "HP" merchandisers.  They had nothing to do with this idea, nor have they been consulted about it.  I'm not on their payroll, not related to anyone who is (that I know of).  I just think this a good idea, for a whole bunch of reasons.  Check the other links here if you want to know more.
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